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How Reflective Supervision supports our Practitioners

Updated: Mar 7

Discover the heart of our mission with Sonya Anjawi, who leads reflective supervision at Music for Good. Sonia shares how this practice empowers our practitioners, ensuring their well-being and enhancing their impact on those we serve, young and adult alike. It’s about peeling back the layers to the poetry of our work 🎵

A space for colleagues to come together and collaboratively make-sense of their work and reflect with others. We follow Gaie Houston’s model of Supervision in attending to the Plumbing, Policing and Poetry of the work.

We start with a check-in through a metaphor to help us settle and identify how we are professionally and personally. This helps to highlight similarities and differences in themes as one of the challenges in working peripatetically can be isolation.

After attending to any pressing Safeguarding concerns we divide the time and different people present a professional challenge or question. We listen to the words spoken and their affect, how they are spoken. Then brainstorm as a group our empathic responses first, followed by a group discussion.

We aim for participants to experience a psychologically and physically safe space where people can feel secure and share vulnerabilities and strengths.

We check-out as a group saying what (if anything) we are taking away from the session.

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