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Youth Ambassadors Session 2

On Sunday, the 18th, the Music Hub Youth Ambassadors met online for a dynamic and engaging session. Despite the virtual setting, the young people showcased their enthusiasm and creativity through fun icebreaker games, collaborative tasks, and discussions.

To kick off the meeting, the young people engaged in a virtual scavenger hunt, where each participant raced against the clock, scouring their houses to find an object the fastest. The group thoroughly enjoyed the icebreaker game to exert some energy before settling into group discussions.

The Music Hub Youth Ambassadors proved their dedication and organisation skills during the meeting's preparation phase. One notable task involved creating clay figures representing their ideal music teacher/leader. These clay figures showcased the ambassadors' artistic talents and served as visual aids during the meeting. This activity sparked a group discussion, resulting in the collaborative creation of a job description.

The resulting job description was a testament to their insightful perspectives. From being gentle, kind, and inspiring to demonstrating patience, humour, and charisma, they emphasised the importance of creating a supportive and inclusive environment for learning.

These amazing young individuals acknowledged the significance of mutual respect, open-mindedness, and the ability to cater to diverse learning styles.

Following a short discussion on group governance, the group unanimously decided to take charge of the upcoming Young Ambassador's meeting. Recognising the importance of providing opportunities for ‘youth voice’, the young people will be supported, allowing each individual to lead 10 minutes of the session. This empowering step will not only enhance their leadership skills but also cultivate a sense of ownership and responsibility within the group.

The upcoming sessions promise to be dynamic and engaging, with each young person continuously bringing their unique perspectives and ideas. We look forward to the upcoming session in August.

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