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What a creation!

'Riptide' Song created by a young participant.

What Teachers at Restormel AP are saying:


"I don't think anything could replace these music sessions for our students"

Two Inspiring Stories:


Going from isolated and alone in the playground to making friends and being included!

 - Jane our Music Practitioner

Participant's Mum shares:


"It's like a different person" - After a Music for Good day

Emily our Director shares the research on:

Singing for health and pain management

A moving song:

Created by a young participant who was experiencing a loss at the time

Pema our Music Practitioner says:


Music has a way of lifting you up. Music is magic!

Inside Story:


Willow, our Music Practitioner Speaks

about how students get excited to collaborate together making Music!

Special moments:


Jo, our Music Practitioner shares precious moments

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